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Fixing a Protein is Saving Young Lives

A great article was recently published, charting life-changing work of Adrian Krainer, a professor and program chair of cancer and molecular biology at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York.  Krainer received seed money 15 years ago for his work to cure Spinal Muscular Atrophy.  That work led to Spinraza, the first FDA-approved drug to treat SMA.  The article includes this quote from FightSMA's Joe Slay:

Joe Slay, who is the chairman of FightSMA, a group he and his wife Martha founded in 1991 after they learned their son Andrew had Type 2 SMA, sounded hopeful that people who need this treatment will receive it. “I understand there’s constructive, good conversations between insurance companies and Biogen,” Slay said. “We’re monitoring that.”

While Andrew, who is now 30, considers the potential benefits of Spinraza, Slay is pleased the treatment is an option for people and is proud of Krainer’s work. Krainer is “by any definition of the word a hero,” Slay said. “He’s taken his natural gifts, his brilliance in science, his discipline year in and year out approach to his work and has applied himself 100 percent.”

Slay and FightSMA, which has raised over $8 million since its founding, helped provide seed money to Krainer more than 15 years ago, attracting a promising scientist to what was then an intractable medical challenge.

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