Bill Strong

Co-Founder, The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation,
Santa Barbara, CA
Board Member, FightSMA

Bill and Victoria Strong are well known in the SMA community, as the parents of Gwendolyn, for whom the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation was named. They lost seven-year-old Gwendolyn to SMA in July 2015 but continue the fight with fund-raising events for their Foundation, outreach to the SMA community, and Bill’s continuing service on the FightSMA board of directors. Bill, Victoria, and daughter Eleanora live in Santa Barbara, California. On the FightSMA board since 2009, he says this about his board membership: “This is a strong, collaborative partnership. Not all groups get along, but this works because both of us are not overly protective of our own ‘domain.’ We do things together when it makes sense to, like the Emerging Investigator Awards program.” A CPA, Bill has served as CFO of several West Coast Internet startups.